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First Aid

First aid and medical conditions are a huge task and responsibility given the number of students enrolled at Queechy High School.  Our First Aid officers are based in the Administration Block.

Please contact the school to update your Child’s records with any medical information should it change during the year.

If you wish your child to receive medication at school please have the attached form signed by your doctor for both prescription and non-prescription medication, e.g. hay fever medication, paracetamol etc. 

The school does not have on hand, or supply, paracetamol/analgesics or over-the-counter medication. 

Administration of Medication

Non-prescribed oral medication (such as analgesics and over-the-counter medication) should not be administered by teachers or other members of the school staff or be in student’s school bags or lockers.

Headache, fever, earache, toothache are considered symptoms of conditions that require further investigation by the appropriate health practitioner. It is not recommended that school staff administer paracetamol or analgesics to students experiencing these symptoms.  (taken from the Department of Education Administration of Medication guidelines)

Where your child suffers from a potentially life threatening illness eg, peanut allergy, diabetes please have your doctor devise an Action Plan in case of an emergency and bring it to the school.