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About Us

Queechy High School is an inclusive learning community to build a safe learning environment for its large and diverse population. We instil our values of quality, harmony and success into all programs to develop a positive, nurturing culture. Alongside these core values is the ongoing development of a curriculum which provides rich learning opportunities to prepare our students as global citizens of the future.

School Culture

Behavioural Expectations

At Queechy High School, we have a clear, consistent and planned approach the behaviour. We share a common language, and have clearly defined roles and responsibility.  We plan for behavioural expectations in the same way we plan for curriculum, professional learning and resource management. In setting behavioural expectations, we provide goals that support wellbeing and behaviour so all learners can succeed.

Optimal Learning Environment

At Queechy High School, we understand that optimal learning environments are based on quality relationships where every student feels a sense of belonging and connectedness. We have processes and structures to communicate regularly and we encourage open dialogue. Our safe and engaging learning environments contain structures to support collaboration and professional development

Valuing Diversity

At Queechy High School, we highly value diversity amongst staff, students and our community. We continually explore and implement new approaches that engage and support our cohort of students, we understand that valuing diversity takes into account the contributions and needs of each individual, and those we embrace.

Positive Relationships

We believe positive relationships are critical to supporting students to reach their potential and strive for excellence. At Queechy High School, we have a solid understanding of how to develop and nurture positive relationships. Our school environment allows everyone to feel valued, and there are structures in place to work with and support all members of our community.

Social and Emotional Learning

As educators, we recognise that social and emotional learning enables the development of appropriate behaviours and actions. At Queechy High School, we have a common understanding of social and emotional learning. We have specialist staff to support students, as well as structures and processes to enable students to develop self-awareness, self-control and responsibility for their behaviour.

Family and Community Partnerships

Family and community partnerships foster strong connections across the school community. At Queechy High School, we communicate regularly to parents, carers and the wider community through sharing information, encouraging community involvement and fostering the growth of networks with other schools. Community groups, business and organisation.