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Queechy High School is an inclusive learning community to build a safe learning environment for its large and diverse population. We instil our values of quality, harmony and success into all programs to develop a positive, nurturing culture. Alongside these core values is the ongoing development of a curriculum which provides rich learning opportunities to prepare our students as global citizens of the future.



Quality teaching and learning is at the heart of Queechy High School. Our highly committed team of teachers and support staff work together to provide a supportive environment that guides and extends the learning needs of every student. Our students’ learning is evident through their involvement in academic and sporting endeavours, participation in extra-curricular activities, and positive social interactions. Our student leaders play a pivotal role in the progressive development of our school. Our student leadership model is based on Student Representative Councils in each grade and a Student Leadership Board in Grade 10. At Queechy High School, we believe ‘student voice’ is important in achieving the best outcomes for all.


With our school value of harmony at the centre, we work tirelessly to build positive relationships, be inclusive and personalise our programs in a safe and secure learning environment. We value a culture of working together to create a strong school community and to positively influence the world around us. Our focus on building respectful relationships is always a high priority.

We have a diverse cohort of students, enabling both our school community and international culture to thrive. Our rich diversity of students is an important feature of our school, providing opportunities for everyone to develop broader understandings and experiences.


At Queechy High School, we maintain a strong emphasis on supporting students to excel in every possible learning domain. We work with everyone in our learning community to develop aspirations beyond the expectations they have of themselves.

Our curriculum develops essential skills, builds deep understandings and, importantly, promotes key personal and interpersonal attributes. Students are challenged by their learning and we encourage them to take full advantage of the many opportunities offered. Together, we celebrate success in many forms to recognise achievements of our students locally, nationally and internationally.


At Queechy High School, we are committed to a process of ongoing review and development in which all stakeholders play an active role to improve learning opportunities for students. With ongoing professional development of all teachers, our students are guaranteed the best preparation to meet the demands of life and work in the 21st century.